a little about Paige


ello! Thank you for stopping by! I'm Paige, the girl behind the lens. Obviously, I am a photographer so I'm not going to talk about that...just yet.  

I am a wife to the worlds hottest husband, I am a mommy to the best, craziest, and cutest three kiddos. I love to connect with people, make friends and laugh until I cry.  I live off of Jesus, coffee and an occasional glass or 3 of wine because well, Mom life! 

Okay, okay now a quick bit about why you are even looking at this page...photography.  


Growing up I was the girl who could not take a picture, I would always blur the shot or chop a head off, not joking. Seriously... It wasn't until I had my first daughter (I have 2) that I realized the importance of a quality image.  Becoming a mom made me realize that a photograph is the only tangible thing that allows us to relive a memory and as you probably know, time flys when you have children.  

So, I picked up a camera and ran with it. Documented everything. People saw my work, and asked me to take their children's pictures... So there you have it, 5 years later, here I am, photographing, you!